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Friday, October 17, 2008

Animation Revelation 2008

To all NTU students! It’s coming. That’s right folks! Our club’s long awaited Free Anime screening event! This October, our first “Animation Revelation” screening event will be held! We’re bringing you not One. Not Two. But THREE featured Anime movies! One movie each for three consecutive evenings from 7pm onwards, on the 13/10/2008 (Tuesday) to 15/10/2008 (Wednesday).

So why Animation Revelation? Well, we hope that in attending our event, you will be able to gain new insights into the world of Animation. As you all know, we here in AnimeWorks LOVE our anime. We believe animation opens up whole new worlds of possiblities in storytelling and art, and we’d like to share that sentiment with you all by showcasing some of the finest animation works ever produced.

What will we be showing? When and Where? Read on below to find out!

We will be featuring the following three movies at these times and venues:

  • Appleseed Ex Machina

Time: 13th October 2008 (Monday) @ 7pm

Venue: LT 7 (North Spine, 2nd Floor)

Movie Info (Wiki)


  • Grave of the Fireflies

Time: 14th October 2008 (Tuesday) @ 7pm

Venue: LT 15 (North Spine, 4th Floor)

Movie Info (Wiki)


  • Macross Do You Remember Love?

Time: 15th October 2008 (Wednesday) @ 7pm

Venue: LT 17 (North Spine, 4th Floor)

Movie Info (Wiki)


After the screeening, we will be providing some light refreshements for you all to enjoy. We’ll also be holding a mini-exhibition on Anime history and subculture right outside the LT. So do stick around once the show’s over and mingle with your fellow Anime fans over some light drinks and snacks and bone up on you knowledge of Anime!

Once again, everything is FREE! There is no admission charge for this event. We do however wish for you to register with us before the event so that we can keep a count of how many people will be going. If you send in your registration, we’ll also keep you updated with our club’s events! So hurry! Do send the following to our e-mail address at (You may wish to copy and paste the following into your e-mail)



Matriculation Number:

Contact E-mail:

Contact Number:

So leave behind your stresses and worries for a few nights, and allow youself to be swept away as we journey into the amazing world of Animation! We hope to see you there.

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