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Friday, October 24, 2008

Manga Drawing Session

The First Ever Manga Drawing Sessions are here! Both sessions will be held in October- 9th and 22nd 2008. 9th Oct: 7-9pm and 22nd Oct: 6-8pm. For thurs session, due to some prob in sac booking system, it will be held at TR1.For 22th,the venue will be at SAC meeting room 2 which is right below cafe by the quad.

We welcome both talented artists and curious participants in our sessions.

In these sessions, you can expect to

  • Display your talent in manga drawing

  • Mingle around with enthusiasts like you

  • Exchange ideas of manga drawing with other participants

  • Or just learn from your peers at no cost

  • Know upcoming exhibitions and ways to further your interest

  • Have your manga drawing dreams come true!!

Good art pieces will be collected and

  • Exhibited in Kaleidoscope!, Art Fiesta and many other events

  • Made into merchandise for exhibition or even sales!

So why wait? Come sign up at our booth or email to now!!

For email, please send at least one day before the session. Dates and timings of events on flyers.

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