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Friday, September 25, 2009

VAS Publicity Booths for Registration 2009

Hello fellow VAS members and NTU students,

We are opening up publicity booths so that you and your fellow friends can register for our newest, upcoming events organized by VAS. We are holding registration booths for "ANIMATION:R" (animation screening), "Comic Art Seminar", and "Designer's Voyage 2009", at these venues:

  • 7th Oct 09 : Concourse@Canteen B - Lot 4 (South Spine - Canteen B)
  • 8th Oct 09: NorthLink 2@ N2.1 - Lot 3 (North Spine - outside Canteen A)
  • 13th Oct 09: Void Deck@LT1 - Lot A (beside 7-11)
  • 14th Oct 09: Concourse@Canteen B - Lot 1 (South Spine - Canteen B)

Registration for our events will be from
10.30am to 4.30pm on the above dates.

For the Comic Art Seminar, fee for VAS members is $6, fee for non-members is $8.

For Designer's Voyage, registration is FREE.

See you there!

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