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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pan-In-the-Box: Affiliation with Visual Arts Society

Hello to all NTU students and VAS members,

Pan-in-the-Box has agreed to be an affiliation of our club and will be providing all our members a 10% discount upon purchasing in the shop.

They are hosting a Christmas themed drawing competition which they hope that our members - that means US! - can participate in this event. Details are given as below, with the URL given.


PAN-IN-THE-BOX - A Christmas-Themed Drawing Competition


133 New Bridge Road

#02-09 Chinatown Point

Singapore 059413

Tel: 6221 3293

In Celebration of the Christmas Season

We bring to you…

A Christmas-themed drawing competition!

The Top 3 winners will be walking away with:

-1st Prize: $300 cash voucher

-2nd Prize: $200 cash voucher

-3rd Prize: $100 cash voucher

Plus 5 consolation prizes

Terms & Conditions are as follows…

1. This competition is open to ALL except staff from Pan-In-The-Box.

2. Registration for the competition will only be opened from 1st November 2009.

3. Deadline for all submissions will be on the 8th December 2009.

4. Results will be announced on the 15th December 2009. Winners will be contacted via email from our official email:

5. No registration fees are required.

6. Each participant will receive 2 sheets of A4 drawing paper with a Pan-In-The-Box stamp imprinted at the back of the sheets with an authorised signature.

7. We would like to encourage participants to express their creativity to the maximum. Any drawing style is acceptable as long as there are no elements that might deemed inappropriate, offensive or sensitive (e.g. nudity, racism, violence).

8. Characters drawn can be from existing anime/manga titles or self-created original characters.

9. Every art will be judged based on the originality of the idea, be it from an existing anime/manga (e.g. Naruto, Bleach etc.) or a self-created character.

10. Romance can be depicted but no overly explicit sexual elements are allowed.

11. All submitted pieces will be kept by Pan-In-The-Box for a period of three months after the event to be displayed in the shop. Artists may collect their submission after this period of time from Pan-In-The-Box.

12. Pan-In-The-Box will acknowledge and credit the creators when displaying submitted art pieces in the shop.

13. Prizes won can be used only at Pan-In-The-Box outlets.

14. Failure to submit the final piece with drawing papers issued by Pan-In-The-Box by the deadline will result in instant disqualification from the competition.

15. The judges’ decisions are final.

16. Pan-In-The-Box reserves the right to make any last minute changes or sudden cancellation of the event.

Currently we are in the process of processing, if Pan-in-the-Box would be interested to have a booth at Arts Fiesta 2010. Work and organization of Arts Fiesta 2010 are still in progress, so do check back here when we have more exciting updates!

Thank you, and good luck to all of you in your exams! =)

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