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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Successful Affiliation: KKnM and Genesis Frontier

Hello to fellow VAS members,

We got some good news for all of you. Denise and Joan went to KKnM (Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise) and Genesis Frontier today and successfully discussed an affiliation.

KKnM and Genesis Frontier will be giving VAS club members a 5% discount upon flashing our membership card. In return, we will have to help them advertise by putting their logo on our NTU VAS website.

I'm sure most of us know about KKnM (Kareshi Kanojo no Mise). KKnM has already sponsored us prizes on several occasions in the past. KKnM has agreed to sponsor us prizes for our Arts Fiesta if we help them sell some of their stuff at the booth as consignment during the Arts Fiesta. Joan will follow up with them nearer to the date of the Arts Fiesta

KKnM also hopes to collaborate with us with their events if any since we decided that a long term affiliation would be beneficial to our club.

Genesis Frontier is a partner of KKnM that deals primarily with trading cards. They do have a card tournament weekly and would like us to promote trading cards.

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