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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome (Back) to The Visual Arts Society! (Updated 17-Sep)

Welcome one and all, Freshmen and Seniors of NTU! Another fun year passes, before we knew it, a brand new academic year is upon us, one with new possibilities and challenges ahead for the Visual Arts Society.

Some of you may have questions. Who are we? What do we do? HOW CAN YOU JOIN US!? Stay tuned over the next few weeks. We have quite a few events in store for you! Here are some of them:

6th - 8th September (Monday to Wednesday) 
Welcome Week Booth            11am - 5pm @ Outside LT 7 

8th September (Wednesday)                            

Welcome Tea                          7pm - 10pm @ LT 26  *Updated ! 3/9/2010*
UPDATE - Calypso Agency Screening *UPDATE 7/9/2010*

15th September (Wednesday)                          
Subclub Meet and Greet        7pm  - 10pm @ TR 10  *Updated ! 4/9/2010*

16th-17th September (Thursday - Friday)       
Main Committee Interviews  7pm  - 10pm @ TR 10  *Updated! 11/9/2010*

22nd Septmeber (Wednesday)                          
Annual General Meeting       7pm - 10pm @ LT 20  *Updated! 17/9/2010*

Click on each event to find out more about them. We'll update the links as more information becomes available, so do check back here for updates!!

Take a look and explore our website as well, you may find some of the answers you seek. But if you have a query that you are dying to get an answer to, feel free to contact us using the links provided on the right.

To get e-mail updates from us, you can register your interest in our club through our registration form here. Or join our Facebook group here!

We hope to see you soon!

Register your interest in Joining Our Club and Attending Our Events in these two separate forms.

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