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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Report

On 22nd September 2010, we held our AGM @ LT20. It was an event filled with fun, laughter and joy as we congratulated each other on a job well done for the past year in VAS. We bid sad farewells (somewhat) to our current Main committee of VAS and had our elections for our current committee of VAS. The speeches given during the event were truly memorable; from the shortest and most straightforward ones to the ones that promises things that we would want in the future. After all the speeches and voting (and wonderful refreshments) we finally had a main committee for the year of 2010/2011. So without further ado, the new committee for the year of 10/11 is as follows:
President : Lee Man Soon
Vice President: Goh Kian Khoon Amos
Hon.Gen.Sec: Wong Weiyang
Financial Controller: Denise Low
Anime Chair: Alvin Chua
Anime Vice Chair: Sunny Lek
Comics Chair: Ho Yuen Wai, Grace
Comics Vice Chair: Cereph Chen
Designers' Chair: Chee See Jay
Designers' Vice Chair: Belinda Ong
Project Managers: Asanga De Silva, Muhammad Al Atiqi
Publicity and Publications: Silk Goh, Tan Hao Chong
Business Managers: Vedant Gupta, He Xinyi
Logistics Manager: Atif Saleem, Vishal Rajesh Lakhiani

Please give your utmost support to the main committee of this year and we hope to bring all of you in VAS more exciting times in the club and improve our club to the utmost possibility.

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