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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cosfest X.1 coming this weekend

Sounds more like a sequel to a certain series of role-playing games, if you ask me. Anyway, Cosfest is back again for the 10th time, making it the longest running cosplay event in Singapore.

If you ask me, the mascot for Cosfest this year is a little...ugh.

You can visit the main site for Cosfest X.1 by clicking on the banner above, or via this handy link over here. Be warned through - the website design and layout is enough for any self respecting website designer to want to put out their eyes for the sheer horror of viewing it. But if you are able to gaze into the depths of the abyss and laugh Death in the eye, then you will find all the information you need to know about Cosfest X.1

Of course, you can always continue to read this post. I recommend this option instead.

First up, Cosfest is having a little something new this year. Called "ComicsWorld Asia", it is similar to the Extravaganza event we had at AFAX last year. Aspiring artists are invited to submit their work to be displayed to the teeming horde that will be at Cosfest ( those non AKB48 fans, at least). It's a good way for newer artists to make a name for themselves. Who knows? You might even be drafted into Imaginary Friend Studios! They are good, you know.

Anyway, participating artists will be given their own booth and will be housed in a separate tent which is just beside the D'Marque, so don't worry about there not being enough space.

Apart from that, Cosfest X.1 itself does not offer much in terms of new events. The usual karaoke competition will be held on the 25th of June, and the World Cosplay Summit will once again open its doors to the best cosplayers in the region. The winners will be flown to Japan to represent their country in the Finals of the World Cosplay Summit.

Other than that, there is the Asia Cosplay Meet Championship. This mini-event is meant to foster friendship and bonds between cosplayers from the various countries in Asia. It is a noble aim, yes, and so I wish them all the best.

Hmmm...yeah, that' pretty much covers the major points of Cosfest. Except for the various doujin booths that will be there. This is something that I'm more interested in, but unfortunately, there's no news to be had on who'll be there. I guess you'll just have to go down and find out for yourself.

When and where is Cosfest X.1? Why, I thought you'll never ask~

When: 25 - 26 June, 2011
Time: 12 pm - 6 pm, more or less. Be there at 11 for best results.
Where: D'Marque, Downtown East, Paris Ris

Well, I guess that's that. Hope to see you there.


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