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Friday, July 1, 2011

Cosfest X.1 - OVER!

It has been about 5 days since Cosfest X.1 has ended. All in all, I felt that there was a lot more space at the performance area, probably because they shifted all the doujin booths to the other tent. It made for good posing in the tent, but as usual, the lighting there sucked, so unless you have a good flash, you can't take good shots anyway.

Not that going outdoors is much better. The sun's freaking hot, which is terrible for both the photographers and the cosplayers. Especially the cosplayers. Just spending 5 minutes out there in costume is enough to make one faint.


So, kudos to all the cosplayers out there who made the event enjoyable. Without you, there would not be much point in having a Cosfest.

Without further ado, here are some pictures from the two days, filtered and cleaned for your eyes.

Are you Alice?

You can never go wrong with Remi and Flan. Actually, this Flandre is pretty cute.

Love this Maka. Her props are awesome.

Hmmmm...wonder who this is?

This NonStop Nyancat is awesome.

I will always support a loli. Even a loli teacher.

Good use of background there.

That naga there has easily one of the best cosplays of the day.

The dollfie club makes their appearance here too.

SqueeX, as himself again.

On a final note, Blogspot sucks balls when it comes to handling pictures. In fact, Blogspot sucks. Wordpress FTW. Switch to Wordpress, for gr34+ ju15ic3!

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