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Friday, July 22, 2011

A.C.M.E 3 Updates – showDOLLS, Bushiroad, and more!

Breaking news from A.C.M.E! Details on the Bushiroad tournament and doujin artist lineup have been released! Click on the jump for more.

Remember - ACME is on the 27th of August!

Weiss Schwarz - Neo-Standard 128 Tournament

Yup, that's right - its a full blown tournament, with 128 players battling it out for the top prize! Do you have what it takes to go deck to deck with the other Weiss Schwarz players in Singapore? Will you Cancel? Or will you eat Soul Damage like a boss? There's only one way to find out!

Weiss Schwarz players can get priority passes to the tournament right now. Just head down to your local WS shop like KKnM, Rapid Culture or Black Tech for more information. But even if you can't get your passes, don't worry - you can still sign up for the tournament right there and then, at ACME.

I would join the tourney, but with my current FSN deck and with all the new overpowered abilities there are in all the new series out there, I'd rather not. lol. Bushiroad needs to balance their series, man. And besides, I'm more interested in another tourney that will also be taking place at ACME. But that's another story, for another day.

Vanguard Team Tournament

In other news, if you happen to play Cardfight VANGUARD, you can sign up for the 36 player tournament right now. Just send the following details to the email below:

1)Name of Team
2)Particulars of team members
3)Deck names in order of members listed above
4)Contact person (Please include HP Number and Email)

Send everything to

Also, do note that you must register by the 1st of August, which doesn't leave you much time to join! So go! GO NOW! NOW!


showsDoll will also be making an appearance at ACME. Singapore has a small but growing number of doll enthusiasts, and showsDoll aims to target this market with their handmade clothings and accessories. They will be showing their "humble handmade SD/MSD/YoSD and DD sized doll clothings and various accessories for your dolls." All items are on a first come first serve basis, so if you are a doll lover, be sure to drop by fast!

I think that's enough info for now. Next update, doujin artists lineup!

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