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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Certain Magical Event 3

A Certain Magical event, or more affectionately known as A.C.M.E, is back again for its 3rd year running! And this year's A.C.M.E promises to be far more exciting and enjoyable than ever before! Just take a look at the flyer below.

Yup, you saw that right - Suara is coming over! An Animelo level singer will be gracing our shores with her very own live concert, so be sure to get the tickets to it! Tickets can be bought from Gatecrash now .

And just because she's worth it, here's a couple of videos of Suara live:

舞い落ちる雪のように - White Album Ending Theme

夢想歌 - Utawarerumono Opening Theme

Ah....Utawarerumono. Brings back memories.

But wait - there's more! With exciting activities like the Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku and a
200 player Weis Schwarz tournament in the works and numberous doujin booths displaying their works for sale, you can be sure that there will be something there for everyone.

More details as they are released. ^^

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