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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Welcome Week 2011

1) Event: Welcome Week
Venue: Arts & Cultural Booth 3, Outside LT7, North Spine
Date: 15th - 19th August (Mon-Fri)
Timing: 0930-1730

Here we will be recruiting new members for the club. Do visit our booth if you would like to sign up with VAS for the new academic year and don't forget to bring your friends who are interested too!

If you have not been in the VAS subcommittee before, why not give it a try? You will get to help out in the execution of events and make new friends at the same time. We have frequent outings organised for our subcommittee members too.

If you are feeling passionate about being in charge of the direction of the club and moving the club forward to greater heights, consider signing up as a main committee member. An interview will be required but don't worry, we won't bite :)

We will also be selling our Polo T-shirts emblazoned with our very own cool and awesome design at a low low price of only $10!! That even includes a year worth of VAS membership! Where else can you get a better deal??!

2) Event: Welcome Tea
Venue: LT26
Date: 24th August (Wed)
Timing: 1900-2130

More details on the various roles of the members in VAS will be explained in this session. Bring your friends who are interested in knowing more about VAS, we have something different this year to show you so don't miss it!

3) Event: Main Committee Interview
Venue: TR7 and 8
Date: 25th, 26th, 29th August ( Thur, Fri, Mon)
Timing: 1900-2200

For those who are interested in running for main committee positions, the interviews will be held on these dates. The goal of this is to let us know you better and at the same time ensure that you know what you're running for. Do let us know if you are planning to come down for the interview so that we can expect your arrival.

4) Event: Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Venue: LT20
Date: 2nd September (Fri)
Timing: 1900-2200

During the AGM, members of the Visual Arts Society will vote for the candidates who will lead the club as the next main committee. Do come down and cast a vote for the candidate whom you support!

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