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Monday, September 12, 2011

2nd VAS Meeting!

Hope everyone had fun in our first combined Animeworks and CoEN meeting! (For those who couldn't come, there are other chances!)
Now that the time for fun and games is over it's time for.... MORE FUN. (Some people might be wondering if we actually study -_-)
We'll be having our next MEETING This WEEK! (Yes, we have weekly meetings XD). Of course we'll be doing some important admin stuff and plans for the year!
Anyways, for next week we will be moving over to the older TR rooms with PROPER AIR-CONDTIONING (*applause*). Specifically TRs 1 to 28 (depending on which rooms we manage to get), just opposite where we were last week.
Also, Do note that for next week, we are splitting up into Animeworks and CoEN but not to worry we'll be side by side, so you can choose which one to visit XD. Details are as follows:
Animeworks & CoEN meeting #2
Venue: TRs (1-28) <--(We'll be posting a note on the door for both Animeworks and CoEN for the TRs we invaded)
Date: 14th Sept 2011 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 7pm-9pm
Hope to see ya there!

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