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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AnimeWorks Meeting #5 - HORROR NIGHT‏

A repost from the email blast earlier. ^^

Hey all entities out there (yes, this covers girls, guys, traps, and any other species in between),

Hope you guys had fun during the Animation Screening last week! :3 I am touched by those that turned up~ *happy tears* XD Those that did not......sadface.jpg. (jk, jk.)

For next week's meeting, we decided that since Halloween is near, we are going to have a themed meeting!! :3

Come down dressed for Halloween! It can be something really simple, Daiso has $2 hats or some $2 accessories, or if you want GO ALL OUT. Wigs, fangs.WINGS. BLOOD AND GORE. (Holland V has this AMAZING halloween store.) Have fun~ the degree is up to you~ <3 (Although, the best dressed will get a little something from me~ XD) And those who does not come with something will have to put on something (from our random bag of props) of OUR choosing Muahahhahaha <3

If you can/want, bring some halloween related snacks! You can make them (Yum Yum) or get sweets from any cold storage/NTUC :3 Blood chocolate anyone? :9

We will also be screening some horror related clips/movies/anime so do come down to watch with us!~

Details are as follows:

Animeworks meeting #5
Venue: TRs (1-28), or South Spine TRs (if needed) <--(We'll be posting on the VAS newsfeed (at least 2 hrs in advance) as well as a notice on the door of the TRs we have invaded)
Date: 19th October 2011 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 7pm-9pm

Goh Silk

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