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Saturday, October 1, 2011

CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard - English Release Press Conference!

I have had the privilege of attending another press conference today – this time, one on the popular trading card game, “CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard”.

I have no idea what to do given a hand like that. Maybe because I don't actually play the game?

Now personally, I've never played this game. I'm more of a Weiß Schwarz player myself. I do have a Touhou Chaos deck, but that's as far as I've gone into the other card games Buishiroad offers.

I guess I should give a brief description of Buishiroad and the many card games it has under its belt at this point in time. Bushiroad is a relatively new company, being founded in 2007, and their main source of sales comes from the development and selling of trading card games. They are the creators of the Weiß Schwarz, ChaOS, VS, and most recently, “CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard!”.

So anyway, Vanguard (as it is more affectionately known) has grown astronomically in terms of popularity, both in Japan and overseas. The card game has since given birth to an anime and manga series.

So Bushiroad was sitting there, and then some guy came up with the idea of, “Hey! Why not we localize Vanguard for the global market?”


And that brings us to what I’m talking about today. Vanguard is, after all, originally a Japanese card game. There’s a huge language barrier that has to be overcomed should one wants to play the game. That barrier can prove to be a deterrent to even the most die hard TCG fan.

But with the English release of Vanguard, the problem of the language barrier is not an issue! Everyone would be able to play the game. After all, everyone can read and understand English, yes? (And if you can’t, what are you doing on this site, anyway?).

And that brings us to the conference itself. Basically, the key points talked about is that Bushiroad would be pre-releasing two English trial decks (the Buster Blade and the Dragonic Overload decks) on the 11th of November, 2011, at AFA11. The full game and other booster packs would be made available all across Singapore early next year, and from there, the world.

There’s a hell lot of money involved in this, guys.

Personally, I think it’s a step in the right direction, as far as anime related TCGs are concerned. The mainstay of TCG in general has always been Magic: The Gathering. Fads such as YU-GI-OH! and Pokemon have come and gone, and have carved out their own niche market in the trading card industry.

But anime lovers don’t really have many card games to play with, other than Bushiroad’s Weiß Schwarz and ChaOS. And those are pretty much impossible to localize, given the hellish issue you’re gonna have with all the licensing, so you’re pretty much stuck with having to learn to read all the moon-runes in order to play it.

Vanguard, however, is Bushiroad’s own creation, so they are free to do whatever they want with the franchise, including localizing the whole card game in English. Ahaha.

If the localization is a success and brings Bushiroad lots of moola, maybe they would be more willing to tackle the issue of localizing Weiß Schwarz too.

Hmm…Yeah, that’s most important thing that was discussed at the conference today. Along the way, we also talked about the English dubbing of the Vanguard anime, which will be aired on local television channel otko come 16th October. Singapore will, in fact, be the first country in the world outside of Japan to actually be able to watch the dubbed version of the anime.

Personally, I would rather listen to it in Japanese, but beggars can be choosers. And besides, given what little preview I have had of the English dub today, it doesn’t seem all that bad. Reasonable quality, if you ask me.

Interestingly enough, homegrown J-Pop group, SEA*A, will be singing the theme song for Vanguard. You can see the PV for their debut song, Dream Shooter, below. SEA*A will also be performing at this year’s AFA.

I guess I should be wrapping this post up now. You will be able to buy the English version of Vanguard when its officially released at all your usual card shops, as well as at your local anime/manga store. Probably. Ahaha.

If you really want it but can’t find it, ask a friend in Singapore to buy it and send it over to wherever it is you live. XD

And in other news totally unrelated to the post,Izumi Kitta, who voiced Misaki in the Vanguard anime, appeared to give her support for the English release of Vanguard. She has slimmed down from when I last saw her. She should eat more.

Izumi with the SEA*A girls.

Anyway, I got a nice autograph from Izumi-san. Ahaha.


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It's good that you got an autograph from her. The new release has fun gaming features.

Billy S. said...

As an Anime fan myself, I am really excited about CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard's English release. Playing cards like these is a nice break when I am not playing online games.

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