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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kalafina - 『ANiME FESTiVAL ASiA in シンガポール』

If you remember, Kalafina was in Singapore last year for AFA 11, where they performed a most memorable live. I was lucky enough to get a front row ticket, and let me tell you, it's an experience I won't give up for the world.

Anyway, as is common among Japanese artists, Kalafina talked about their experiences in Singapore once they returned to Japan. I have attempted to translate what they said here. Please enjoy, and don't blame me for any mistranslations or stuff.

『ANiME FESTiVAL ASiA in シンガポール』

Recently I just learned how to eat Xiao Long Baos off those little glass plates, I'm so proud of that.

Good afternoon, everyone~(´∇`)

This is Wakana(O ̄∇ ̄O)/

We have safely returned from Singapore!!
We're come back home!

This time we particpated in Singapore's AFA, and it really was a stimulating experience, with extreamly fun things to do everyday.

There's so much greenry on Singapore's roads, with all the trees lining up along the streets - it makes for walking down the street a soothing and relaxing experience.

During one of our free times, we went walking around the hotel - it took about 5000 steps to go round the whole building!

...Just joking!!

But I can make my way to certain places without getting lost, I can pretty much remember the way.(^ω^)

Well then, Kalafina's live was held two days ago, and before the live we took part in many events too.

First of all, we had the chance to meet and greet all our fans on the day of the live, together with our fellow artists!
The number of fans far exceeded our expectations - I'm so happy! ヽ(´∇`)/

We can't hide our surprise at seeing this ヽ(´∇`)/

As the live approached we got increasingly excited
(゜∀゜ )( ゜∀゜)

We then moved to the booth for the autograph signing session☆
I'm very glad that so many people came!

We then went to trouble the butlers at the Butler Cafe! (^ω^)

It's our first time going to a Butler Cafe, and that it would be in Singapore...!!
I never saw that coming.

When we heard the butlers going ""Be careful on your way, Ojou-sama!", we couldn't help but smile and laugh. It's just like a performance or something you see on Nico Nico Douga!

I've always thought it pretty amazing that people all over the world can use the computer to see each other in real time - it really is pretty amazing.
It's almost as if the future is already here, yes?

And just like that, the time has finally come for the live!!

As for the concert hall....The liveliness is amazing! (You can feel the ground shaking. It's really the MAX!)

We got a look at the seating area during our rehearsals, and it was quite large, but the number of people who were actually there far exceeded our expectations.

Here we go.


The "Mahou Shoujo Madoka" spirit in Singapore is going strong!!
When the opening bars of the song started playing, a thremedous roar filled the air!

Next up is the theme song from the 1st animated movie of the "Kara no Kyoukai" series.


During the autograph session, someone told us "We know of Kalafina's work in 'Kara no Kyoukai'! ".
From the lively audience responcd during our introduction,

Next up, from the anime "Kuroshitsuji I and II",


As expected, this was popular too. The audience responded with a roar the moment we said the name of the songs. The energy in the crowd was amazing, and we could really feel the love you have for the music of Japan.
It really makes me happy.

And then we sang the theme song from the 5th Kara no Kyoukai movie,


and from our first album, 「Seventh Heaven」, we have


It never fails to surprise me that when we perform in overseas events, everyone would sing along together with us in Japanese.
I really felt this espeically during 『sprinter』.
And 『音楽』 just proved that music can transverse language and culture, and that the enjoyment of music is not bound by national borders. I'll always remember this feeling.

And finally, we bid our farewell with our last song, from the anime "Sora no Woto",

The crowd responded to Keiko's words, "Please listen, 光の旋律", with a deafening roar!

A warm feeling of joy just blossomed in my chest.

To all our warm fans in Singapore, as well as everyone who came, thank you very much!

And with that, ends our whilwind live Kalafina!

We expect to be heading to that place tomorrow~!!


Well then, that is all for today.☆

See you next time~♪(* '∇')/



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If time permits, maybe I'll do a translation for FLOW too. Ahaha. ^^


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