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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[NTUVAS] COEN CNY MEETING (Hail the year of the Dovah)‏

Buenos Dias~
(influenced by too much "Kill me baby!")
Wishing everyone a happy chinese new year! As we enter the year of the Dovah, hope you people had a nice long weekend break~
(I missed my ang paos/ba gua since my family escaped overseas this year... (T_T) )
While we're still getting our minds (if we haven't lost them or soaked it alcohol) back to school mood, VAS is also having something different (or so i heard, haven't been paying attention much as i'm kinda busy cursing my early morning classes tomorrow on Chu san....)
So what's new this week is that VAS will be celebrating CNY too! (I was told its a tradition thingy but oh well *.*)
Sorry for the uber short notice but if you people have any CNY themed outfits you may also wear em'. (Non-Compulsory)
Expect things like lou hei and stuff this meeting (tomorrow) (I haven't attended before but it'll be special~) For Comics Ensemble, if time allows we should also continue to revise drawing too (*guilty of slacking off* *sorry ><*) If there are any special requests do bring it up and we can cater the lesson for your needs :D
Details as usual -
Venue: South Spine TRs (similar to past weeks, check FB VAS members feed 2 hrs before, there will be signs on the door as well)
Date: 26th January 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Hope to see you guys there!!

Signing off (and shocked to realise what time is it),
Comics Ensemble Chairperson 11/12

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