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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[NTUVAS ] Comics Ensemble Meeting

Hey all,
Half-dead chair here. (technically all chairs are non-living anyway)
Just wanna let you guys know of our next meeting which is tomorrow!! (It has always been now that i think of it ~_~, since i always NEARLY forget to send out the email :-P)
Not much new changes (alright fine, no change at all except the date) to the details which are as follows:
Comics Ensemble Meeting (Testing to see if size of font grabs people's attention)
Date: 1st Feb 2012 (FEB ALREADY?)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: South spine TRs <( Once again, meeting venue will be posted on Facebook VAS members feed Group 2hrs beforehand, sign will be posted outside the door)
Why: Because you love us. Alright never mind.. ignore that. Bad Joke.
Main things to note, we'll be having a few announcements on the upcoming events - (in case you missed all the meetings and previous announcements...)

Visual Arts Society (Coen and Anw) will be organising two events the following two weeks :
Anime Revelation
Dates: 8th Feb 2012 (1st Squad)
9th Feb 2012 (Byousoku 5cm aka 5cm/s)
Time: 7pm till (whatever time the movie ends.)
Place: S4-SR2
Member Free only event, otherwise membership registration is available for $2
Photoshop Workshop
[ Photography and Photo editting]
Dates: 15th Feb 2012 (Photography and Photoshop Basics)
16th Feb 2012 (Photo Editting Tutorial)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Place: EEE iHub (S2.2-B4-05)
Course is Priced at $14 for 1 day, $25 for both.
More Importantly, VAS will be having our publicity booth this week on Thursday and Friday and we will definitely need the help of you guys!! +_+
Hopefully as and when you guys are free, do come down to help us man the booth! (whispers: and help publicise our events!!)
More details on booth manning tomorrow. As for our publicity Booths...
Thursday, 2nd Feb 2012
Location: Outside Canteen B
Friday, 3rd Feb 2012
Location: Near Canteen A
Both days are 9am till 6pm.
Oh yeah, lastly before i forget. If you guys have any hopes or requests and opinions regarding our meetings and events, do let us know!
All Ideas and suggestions are welcome! You may do so either via meetings or even an email works. I check this mailbox more often than I check my NTU one :P (ish proud of itt)
Also, dont forget to send me any artworks that you have done be it a long time ago or recently that you dont mind putting up for display suring Arts Fiesta coming soon around March!
Hope to see you guys tomorrow!!!
(exhausted, long emails scare me, hope they dont scare you)
Signing out,
Comics Ensemble Chairperson 11/12
Visual Arts Society

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