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Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Otsukare!~ Thanks to everyone for all your hard work during our ARTS FIESTA! Thanks to those who helped out, who took time to come down and participated in all the games that we have created!~ I hope that you guys had as much fun as we had (and less the amount of stress). Those that did so much more for the event and helped make everything run as smoothly as they can, *bows* kudos kudos! :3

And now we have finished this, we need to do some reflection on our event. If you have any suggestions or any advice or anything you'll like to state/ask about arts fiesta, do mention it during meeting this week~

we will also review (read: look at hilarious videos/pictures) of the event!~ For those that weren't there for all the 3 days!~ <3

Furthermore, we might (depending on if the downloads come XD) have something nostalgic to watch, well, for some, during the meeting after arts fiesta debrief~ :3 *hint hint*

So now we can rest and relax (in club stuff) <-- I know alot of assignments are like OMGWTFBBQ coming in so now it is time to concentrate on that~ :3 *gambatte everyone!*

And as always. Meeting details are as follows:

Animeworks meeting #15
Venue: Random TRs in
South spine<--(We'll be posting on the VAS newsfeed (probably 2 hrs in advance) as well as a notice on the door of the TRs we have invaded)
Date: 21st March 2012 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 7pm-9pm

Hope to see you guys there!!

Cheers, I have to type something here. >.> *OH HEY. If until now you still dunno. I AM YOUR CHAIRMAN. XD*

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