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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[NTUVAS] COEN Last Official Meeting (Dinner)‏


This Sem seems to be coming to an end with the horrifying exams approaching. (For some people at least)

On that note and you probably guessed, yes we're having our traditional VAS END-OF-SEM Dinner meeting (together with Aniworks)!! Its our last official meeting this semester so do try to come?

So do take note of the details:

VAS EOS Dinner Meeting (Not-the-camera if that's what you guys are thinking)
Venue: NORTH SPINE TRS to meet up first before proceeding to Jurong point for Dinner

(CHECK FACEBOOK VAS NEWSFEED Prior to coming) ( And my number: 91725000)
Date: 28th March 2012
Time: 7pm-9pm (It says 7pm but we're meeting earlier, 7 is the TIME WE LEAVE SCHOOL)

So Yeah, I guess I'll see ya guys there! (Returns to deal 1 damage to my projects)

Comics Ensemble Manchair 11/12
Visual Arts Society

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