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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[NTUVAS] Comics ensemble Meeting + Dinner‏

Hi all,

Currently feeling like one of those rotting moving grey people in Left 4 Dead. In case you guys didn't know...

ARTS FIESTA is next week. (Yes , its your cue to act surprised. I know i was, and i didn't take it well. Following which i took an arrow to the- )
If you guys are asking what's Arts Fiesta, well lets just say its my first official one too.

Anyways, yes so its one final meeting to the big event next week taking place from Monday to Wednesday at North Spine.

Comics Ensemble Meeting
Venue: Random TRs in
South spine<--(Check the VAS newsfeed (probably 2 hrs in advance) as well as a notice on the door of the TRs we have invaded) (although it is likely it be a TR+ room there)
Date: 7th March 2012 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 7pm-9pm

However... this week i was thinking of having dinner. Wait- not that i don't have it regularly but I just thought that well it'll be a good experience since to be honest we seldom talk during meetings, so I'm writing to see if anyone is interested? I am thinking of meeting at around 6pm outside Can A macs. Leave me an SMS if you are coming or if you can't make it? Hoping that you guys check your emails often... ^_^ (My number is 91725000, although technically you should have it but i felt it is mandatory to give anyways)

Hope to see you guys!

Signing off,
a Shocked-to-see-what-time-it-is chairperson

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