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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AnimeWorks Meeting #17 - Gotta Catch'em all‏

Dear Minions,

How has the first week gone by for you all? I hope you are getting back into things....or is desperately (like me) still memorizing your timetable? Fret not, Welcome Week will allow you to remember your timetable really well - Either that or you'll end up forgetting to go to lectures anyway because we are just so fun to hang out with! *strikes ore-sama pose* If you were not around for last meeting, we are having our Welcome Week from Tuesday (21st of August aka tmr) to Friday (24th of August). Do come down and help out or drag your juniors/friends/seniors down to join our club!~~~ We are located ard LT7-8. (just look for brightly coloured people. XD) If you can come down and have not filled up the form on our VAS newsfeed, please fill it up here:

More after the jump~

Also, there IS meeting this Wednesday where we will iron out stuff for welcome week and you can see the videos that we have been doing up~ as well as help out with the final touches here and there and make welcome week a BLAST for our newbies!~ :3

So Wednesday meeting details are as follows:

Animeworks meeting #18
Venue: Random TRs in North or South spine to meet up<--(We'll be posting on the VAS newsfeed (probably 2 hrs in advance))
Date:  22th August 2012 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 7pm-9pm

Your *cough* great leader *cough*
Animu Chair <3

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