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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Animeworks meeting #2 19/09/2012‏

Hello Hellooooo (I should really be asleep but oh welll)

Another week has passed and it's going to be Wednesday againnnn. And once again, that means that the next Animeworks meeting is just around the corner. Unlike last week, we don't seem to have anything on schedule or on agenda this week *gasp*, so just come down, meet your peeps and think about what you want to catch for this fall's anime season XD. Also, if anyone wants to bring things for purposes of sharing, like an informal show and tell, you're welcome to do so unless it's super bulky or NSFW (not because we object, but because of the possibility of awkward situations should other people BESIDES our dear club members see it.)

but anyway, just come down and have fun : D

Animeworks meeting #2
Venue: Random TRs (We'll be posting on the VAS newsfeed)
Date:  19th September 2012 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 7pm-9pm 

Your derpy chair

Chu Ming

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