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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ANIMEWORKS MEETINGS #3 26 September 2012‏

Hello hello guys, it's me againnnnn, your village chief. Next week is the start of recess week, and that promises at least a break from the daily grind of uni life o w o until you need to study for your midterms (to those lucky people who don't have them, good for you XD) I hope everyone is settling in nicely, and have found at least a few new friends to talk to in VAS. I'll encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and interact and get to know others as much as possible. After all, you never know you might be missing out on something cool and good that could be happening right next to you!

On the meeting agenda, this week's subcomm meeting will be regarding the upcoming event called cross-eyed. This event is a VAS event and so, animeworks will be chipping in some stuff for the exhibition as well! Essentially, cross-eyed is our annual event where the VAS showcases the wonders and mysteries of optical illusions and artwork. While you might be asking what animeworks has to do with this... i have to tell you that... well, not much really XD

What we DO have however, is one space of panels where we get to showcase our love for the animation arts. And i know some of you out there are big big Comic fans, so we're thinking of getting abit of writeups done on the development of certain lovable characters over the many years and presenting it for our friends outside the VAS to see. On top of that, we'll be busting out our most beloved pokemon stickers for sale at the booth too. Monehhh for club is always good, the more we sell, the more we earn to spend on club activities <3


Animeworks meeting #3
Venue: Random TRs (We'll be posting on the VAS newsfeed)
Date:  26th September 2012 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 7pm-9pm  

Preparation work for cross-eyed, as well as your general screening of non-nonsensical videos will occur, so do make your way down and hang out with everyone XD

Your derpy chair,
Chu Ming
(btw it occurred to me that i didnt include a contact number here in case anything happens lol 96199683)

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