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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[NTU VAS] Comics Ensemble: I'm compelled to tell you gaiz things we already know 83‏

Yeeeaaaahhhh that aside xDD

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood CoEn chairperson -person coughs sarcastically in the background-..... AHEM, quite. As there is nothing out of the norm to be reported this week, let's go straight into the usual affairs shall we~

As ya'll know our regular subcomm meeting will be held coming Wednesday the 26th, once again I'd like to remind everyone to bring YOUR OWN DRAWING MATERIALS AND TOOLS. Even though I was a total hypocrite and forgot mine last week. There's no limit on the medium you select be it digital or traditional~ If there's anything you need some feedback or critiquing on be our guest and bring that along as well~

I'd like to remind our members once again that we split into two groups, the basic and the (slightly more lol) advanced group for easier managing. But don't worry, grouping is in no way permanent and anyone can switch to any group anytime simply if they want to 83

Regarding the outing during recess week that we discussed last meeting, it'll probably be a joint outing with our dear other subcomm AnimeWorks~ The content will probably be a movie and dinner, Y/Y?? -puppy face-

SO, in quick summary:


That is all.

And now the weather. Tonight we're to expect light showers and... -bricked- Ow, OK!!! Yeesh.

SubComm Meeting
Venue: Random TRs in South Spine we manage to swipe. (Check the VAS member feed for updates. It should be up approx 2 hours in advance.)
Date: 26th September 2012 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 1900-2100

Don't take any wooden nickles :D
NTU Visual Arts Society
Comics Ensemble Chairperson 2012-2013

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