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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hi all! Today was the first day of the Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention at Marina Bay Sands and our publication team was on the ground to give us some highlights and updates on the event.

More pictures and thoughts after the jump!

 Back this year with more Touhou goodies and merchandise is White-Canvas ( They are bringing in tons of Touhou related merchandise like Plushies, Game Mats, Tapestries, T-shirts and Game/Music Cds!. Prices are quite low this year at $5 for the mini plushies, and $20 for the game mats and tapestries, $25-30 for the T-shirts and $20-$30 for CDs.

Also at STGCC is one of our Affiliates, KKNM ( They are having a sale on some of their current stock and you really should check their booth out. 
On the Doujin side, Collateral Damage Studios has a booth along the Artist Alley and they are selling their latest product SuperScenic 2($50)! They will also be selling their Touhou X Monster Hunter Artbook as well as auctioning their Sword Art Online Can Badges hourly on Day 2 of STGCC.

If you are a fan of MONOMIND's music and work, do come down to his booth and take a look at some of his works. 

One of the main highlights of Day 2 will be the Cosplay @ STGCC happening at 5 to 7pm at the main stage! Do go there to take a look at cosplayers strutting their stuff on stage!

Do look out too for exclusive collectibles from Hot Toys, Special Guests Zaneeds, and more on Day 2 of STGCC!

For the complete listing of all the booths at STGCC 2012, please refer to and

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