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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hello fellow animeworks peeps, Chu Ming here!! I hope the recess week has energized you and given you the break you need from the daily grind of the sem. (i know it didn't for me oTL) But that aside, you're now into the second half of your first sem for this year, and finally our official activities begin *claps* I hope to count on your support for the events these few weeks and do remember to drag/kidnap your friends to participate as well : D

As for the upcoming meeting, we will be continuing our preparations for cross-eyed. This week we'll be cutting stickers for sale, courtesy of one of your seniors Yu Xiang, who has been kindly allowing us to use his stickers for profit (capitalism ho!) Besides that, this email is also a gentle reminder that this week, we will be having a publicity booth for our upcoming events and we do need all the help we can get to man the booth. (please signup on the google doc on our FB Feed or at the link below) In due time, a small reminder list of CAQ (commonly asked questions) will be made for your reference to answer any queries that people interested in our activities will ask. We will also brief you on the SOP (standard operation procedure) for manning the booth, especially since money is involved (membership signups and photoshop signup)

anyway tldr
Animeworks meeting #4
Venue: Random TRs (We'll be posting on the VAS newsfeed)
Date:  10th October 2012 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 7pm-9pm   

Sign up here:

See you guys at meeting! And keep checking the VAS feed on FB for details!!

~Chu Ming

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