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Monday, October 1, 2012

Top Visual Kei Bands from Japan to appear in Singapore!

Yup, you heard that right. Two top Japanese Visual Kei Bands, MUCC and UNiTE, will be paying our little sunny island a visit this Friday, the 5th of October! This is their first time appearing in Singapore, so lets all give them a warm welcome~

The! of UNiTE~
More info after the jump~

Both bands will be playing at the *SCAPE Warehouse at ....(wait for it)... *SCAPE, of course! Ticket prices are pretty cheap,at $138 for VIP tickets and $68 for a standard ticket.

Tickets can be bought both online and offline. You can either head down to the AFA Store at #SCAPE, or just buy it via this website here:

Which brings me to the nice guys who are bringing these awesome bands in - as you might have guessed, they are none other the founders of Asia's largest anime convention - Anime Festival Asia. The head honcho of Dentsu Singapore and SOZO decided that Singapore and the countries around it are severely lacking in proper Japanese music, and thus sought to remedy  the situation. And so J-Live Asia was born.

To date, J-Live Asia has brought in awesome groups like Flumpool and WEAVER, and looks set to bring in many other great bands. In fact, Alice Nine would be coming too - just not here, but over at Jakarta, where they will be performing together with MUCC and UNiTE.

Why we no get Alice Nine too??? T_T

Not to forget that Perfume is set to perform in Singapore come November. What with AFA taking place in November as well, my wallet seems ready to die on me. How's the hp of your wallet coming along? XD


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