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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Comics Ensemble: Are you ready for AFA?!‏

Well, even if you are, it has practically nothing to do with VAS :D -shot-

Jokes aside~ How's it going people, hope you're not caught up chionging to cover a whole sem worth of content in 2 days like meeee (TT 7 TT) Quick reminder for everyone to take care of themselves during this very critical period >w<b

Hope everyone had fun at the Halloween party last week!! I voted for turning ALL the lights off but meh :< This week we'll resume regular subcomm meetings so as usual, bring yer pencils bring yer paper~

This just in, the circus has filed a missing person report for their famous Invisible man. Large reward for anyone who has seen him -bricked- This brick thing is really getting old OTL

Comics Ensemble Subcomm Meeting:

Venue: Random TRs in South Spine we manage to swipe. (Check the VAS member feed for updates. It should be up approx 2 hours in advance.)
Date: 31st October 2012 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 1900-2100

If you don't know which TR to find us in, drop me a message or a call before you walk into a class full of people anxiously mugging for assignments/exams :D
Mandy: 92327578
Alternatively, our dear reliable vices:
Gan Ee Kiat: 92213454
Bao JiaXin: 91745529

Seeya there :D

Here's wishing you a very early Happy next Labor day just cause I can.

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