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Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Judging from the response from the feed, it seems that nearly 30 of our peeps will confirmed joining us for this dinner before we end the semester officially for club activities (ajsdnfaijbfsajb examsss TTw TT) If you haven't checked the feed to see what it's about, basically it's club tradition to celebrate the final meeting each semester with a communal dinner and ice cream at Benten!

For now, we will be having dinner at Ben Ten (based on the votes). I do emphasize that since we are a large group, we will need to go down to get seats early (and cause a nightmare for their staff, happens all the time). So basically, look out for the TR thread on the FB feed, gather in one first, then we'll send out a group to get seats at around 5-6 ish (maybe earlier) to conquer territories in JP.

See you at dinner then XD
Chu Ming

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