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Friday, December 7, 2012

AFA12 - I Love Anisong Concert - T.M.Revolution

Stifler here. 

This post took a long time in coming - no thanks to the exam period coming in just one week after the blast that was AFA.But well, better late than never is what I say.

AFA is now into its 5th year, and for this special occasion, the nice people brought in a real heavyweight in the Anisong industry. His is a name that needs no introductions. He is none other than Takanori Makes Revolution - T.M.R.
Waiting to see just what costume TMR would wear is part of the fun

I must say, TMR is one of the acts which I was really looking forward to. It's hard to say which had me more excited at their eminent arrival - JAM Project in AFA10, Kalafina in AFA11, or TMR in AFA12. To be able to experience the performances of highly talented and much beloved artists such as these is a real joy for a fan like myself, and it would not have been possible without the hard work and sweat of the people over at SOZO and the managing committee of AFA.

And so there I was, standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of other fans, waiting for our idol to make his grand appearance. Boy, did he not disappoint. In a flash of color from the stage lighting (which are very much improved this year), TMR stepped out and claimed his rightful spot at the center of the stage.

Can you say..."sexy"? He's darn hot for a 50-year old man, don't you think?

Here's his set list for the night, in so far as I can remember. ^_^

01) Flags

First up - FLAGS FROM SENGOKU BASARA! Given the popularity of the Sengoku gaming and anime series and as one of his latest works, it is only natural to open his live with this song. The heavy bass and upbeat rock tones got the audience jumping and waving their lightsticks into the air to the beat.

02) Zips

I first heard this song in his album "1000000000000-billion-" (which I got a physical copy of during my trip to Japan in 2009). TMR held his mike out to the audience for us to sing along during the last line of the chorus. Can you say..." ほしく なる"!

03) Web of Night (English Version)
WEB OF NIGHT! This is one of my favorite songs from him. In so far as I know, its not from an anime.
At this point, TMR took a break from singing and started a little CM with the audience. He talked about his time here in Singapore, his love for Chicken Rice ( I swear, every Japanese artists who comes to Singapore loves chicken rice. And the Merlion. Can't forget the Merlion). TMR's English is actually surprisingly good! 

04) Soul's Crossing
From the anime game, Soul Eater. This is the theme song for Soul Eater: Monotone Princess. I can't say I've played the game before, so it was the first time I heard the song. Even so, unfamiliarity is no barrier to enjoyment.

05) invoke
06) meteor
07) vestige
Finally! The songs we were all waiting for! Don't say you weren't - I know you were. Gundam Seed, we love you. Seed Destiny? What in the world is that?

08) Save the One, Save the All
The theme song to the 4th Bleach movie, The Hell Verse.

09) Resonance
Opening theme to Soul Eater!

10) Crosswise
I believe this was from Gundam as well?

11) Naked Arms
12) Sword Summit

And we are back again to Sengoku Basara! What's that you said, Yukimura? You forgot to guard your rear again?! When will you ever learn?

13) Ignited

14) Heart of Sword
And of course, no TMR live is ever complete without the song we all grew up with. The song which we listened to, even sang along to, every Saturday on Kids Central. The song which is arguably T.M.R's most famous, most recognizable song. The ending theme song for the best sword fighting anime ever, Rurouni Kenshin.

My poor heart couldn't take it any more at this point. Manly tears streamed down my face as I sang along with that great man on stage. It takes a real man to cry, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

But all good things must come to an end, and T.M.R took his leave of the stage. But we fans refused to go. Cries of "Mou Ikkai!" and "Encore!" echoed throughout the entire concert hall. And it wasn't long before the man himself answered our calls. Decked in a black shirt from his Inazuma Rock Fes live , TMR came out and gave us two more songs.

Encore 1) The Party Must Go On
Encore 2) Chase / The Thrill

Some time in the live, TMR removed one sleeve. Some time later, he took off the other one.  I like how he wears less and less as the concert goes on.

And that, was the end of that. For one of the best night of my lives, a pair of arching arms and sore legs are but a small price to pay.

T.M.R is really one of a kind, and I hope to have the privilege to be able to attend another of his lives again.

Oh TMR, you dear lovable troll.

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