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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hi Minna-san,
This is one of your 2 animeWorks Vice-chair person speaking, and YES! This is the first time I am sending out a email to you peeps. ^^. I shall keep my ramblings short and sweet just as you like it.
First off, many thanks to those who attended the chalet, hope it was fun for you guys. As for those who didn’t manage to attend due to some mysterious force or another, fret not for there will always be another one next year and we posted all the fun on the feed for ya :D
Next, WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL, fresh start for all of us, good or bad
Animeworks meeting #8
Venue: Random TRs (We'll be posting on the VAS newsfeed)
Date:  16th January 2013 (WEDNESDAY)
Stuff we are doing:
Decide what anime we are gonna screen for Animation Revelations. YAY VOTES VOTES!!
Sneak peak at games for arts fiesta and further discussion on how we can make arts fiesta wonderful for everyone.
last but not least, painting our backdrop :DDDD

If there’s any questions, feel free to contact
Chu Ming 9619 9683
Sean 8321 7700(that’s me )
Venessa 9125 7662

Your Vice-chair,
Sean Lim, or if you like, big/huge/omega sean or whatsoever.

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