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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comics Ensemble: Just when you thought it was safe... ;D‏

Harlow lovelies, 'tis I, your friendly neighborhood CoEn chair~

Did everyone enjoy their holidays? Oh, and for those of you who attended our VAS Chalet, thanks so much for coming, we all really hope you had fun~ \(>7<)/ Now, with the pleasantries dusted aside, the announcements will now begin~

YES, there will be regular our VAS meetings coming Wednesday, on the first week of the new sem, yes, we do not take breaks like tutors 83 As usual, all meetings this semester will be on Wednesday evenings~ We in CoEn will be having our regular scheduled programming of drawing sessions, same time and around the same place, elaboration below. If you guys have friends who are interested in participating or just tagging along to see what it is we do, feel free to bring them along~ 

Regular members will remember that we have two groups within CoEn, one is the beginners group for people starting from scratch, the other is a slightly more advanced group. The groups are not absolute and members may switch between them anytime they wish \(^o^)/ Just do note that you will need to bring your own drawing tools and medium~ 

There is no limit to what you choose to draw with, you could use eyeliner for all we know 83 If you decide to use spraypaint though, we may need to ask you to step outside~ 

That is all. Oh and if you thought my obsession with the color green is over, you are sorely mistaken 8D

Now for our TR Forecast:

SubComm Meeting
Venue: Random TRs in South Spine we manage to swipe. (Check the VAS member feed for updates. It should be up approx 2 hours in advance.)
Date: 16th January 2013 (WEDNESDAY)
Time: 1900-2100

If you're not sure where it is, just... Make the call. And start my phone yelling "Mi-Sa-Kiiiii~"
Mandy: 92327578
Alternatively, our reliable vices:
Gan Ee Kiat: 92213454
Bao JiaXin: 91745529

Adios, for now :D

NTU Visual Arts Society
Comics Ensemble Chairperson 2012-2013

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