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Sunday, September 1, 2013

[STGCC 2013] TAM's LIVE in Singapore!

Hey, Stifler here. Just got back not long ago from Day 1 of STGCC 2013. Because of schoolwork commitments, I was only able to arrive at STG in the early evenings. Was I disappointed? Maybe, but at least I managed to reach in time to catch one of my favorite musical artist performing in person - TAM.

TAM working it out on stage. Photo credit to Winterknight.

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Since I haven't actually had the chance to explore the booths and various attractions of STG just yet, I shall let one of my fellow writers to talk about it. Instead, I shall be focusing on the one highlight which I managed to catch in full - TAM's performance on stage.

I have actually been following TAM for many years ( I think I've been listening to his music for about....6 years now? He's only been playing for 10, so that's slightly more than half of his musical career - at least, the part which he put onto Youtube), so I was very excited to see him in person this time. Expectations were high, and boy, TAM did not disappoint.

Photo credit to Winterknight
 TAM started his set with A Certain Scientific Railgun's famous opening theme, "Only My Railgun". I can't remember what he played next, but I know his anime medley had OreImo's "Irony", Madoka's "Connect" and "Magia", as well as the opening from Haiyore! Nyanruko-san and Evangelion's Cruel Angel Thesis . Of course, the crowd lapped up his performance, clapping along in tune with TAM during the Railgun and Madoka songs.

IIRC, TAM then dazzled us with a Hatsune Miku medley. This set included Miku classics like "Melt", "World is Mine", "Black Rock Shooter" and "Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru". My favorite part of the set was when members of the audience spontaneously belted out the opening lines of "World is Mine" just when TAM was playing that part. And of course, who can forget the epicness when TAM played "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku"? His fingers were moving so fast that you can't even see them!

Photo credit to Winterknight

We then proceed on to a Final Fantasy medley. Now, in a word, this medley was AWESOME. As a Final Fantasy fan, I really enjoyed this. If memory serves, the song set are as follows: "Final Fantasy main theme", "FFVI - Terra's Theme", "FFIV - The Final Battle", "FFVII - Aeris's Theme", "FFVII - Battle Theme", "FFVIII - The Man with the Machine Gun", "Chocobo", "FFX - To Zanarkand", "FFXIII - Lightning's Theme", and last but not least, "FF - Gilgamesh Theme". Crowd favorites "Chocobo" and "Gilgamesh's Theme" had the audience clapping and cheering along. It certainly does bring back fond memories of the times spent playing all these games...One can't help but smile when the beautiful melodies of Final Fantasy fill the hall.

For his next set, one which all of us have been waiting for, the Touhou set. Words cannot describe just how awesome this set was. I'm a happy Touhou fan this day, as TAM played tracks from Touhou 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom and many others.

The audience cheering TAM on. Can you spot yourself in there? Photo credit to nutcase23. Also, UME-SAMA BANZAI!

 But all good things must come to an end, and TAM, in his brilliance, chose the perfect way to finish off his performance. He belted out the full violin version of Nico Nico Douga, and the crowd sang long with him (the parts that they knew, of course).  It's a great tribute to the many songs and anime series that have proved so popular that they are arguably required watching by any anime fan (or gamer. Some of the tracks are from games) anywhere.

Photo credit to nutcase23

It was truly an enjoyable evening, one which I would not trade for anything. Now, where's my autographed CDs?

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